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Learn more about brandy as an ingredient in traditional and moden recipes. Explore my curated list of original recipes with brandy.

A little bit about brandy

Brandy, or cognac (which is a type of brandy and two can be used interchangeably), is the second most important ingredient if you want to make home made liqueurs. Some people use vodka, alcohol base (usually grain alcohol that we buy in Greek liquor stores as an ingredient to make liqueurs) or other alcoholic drinks. The idea is that you need a clear and neutral tasting alcohol so that the fruit that you use gives your liqueur its own colour. I don’t mind the colour that much, I think that the alcohol should be of the best quality possible and its own specific taste compliments the taste of the fruits. Taste is above colour, in the case of liqueurs, if you can’t have both. In some cases it even enhances the natural colour of the fruits, like when you make mandarin orange, or orange liqueur. Of course, it all depends on the fruit you use and its own taste and colour, but I find that a good quality brandy is the best choice, then a good rum, then a good whiskey and only if these are not available I would use clear and neutral alcoholic drinks. Brandy also makes the difference between a good chocolate mousse and a perfect chocolate mousse.

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