Balsamic vinegar recipes

Learn more about balsamic vinegar as an ingredient in traditional and moden recipes. Explore my curated list of original recipes with balsamic vinegar.

A little bit about balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is an Italian vinegar that is both attractive and very tasty. It was not traditionally used in Greek cuisine until recent years. There are many different types of balsamic vinegar, but the best one of them is the traditional balsamic vinegar; it is superior in taste and texture. If you can, avoid the imitations, they are not aged properly, or they are simply white vinegars with caramel colouring, so you end up paying more for something that is even inferior to white vinegar. It is better to invest in a good vinegar and use it sparingly. Balsamic vinegar is perfect on fresh salads.

My 3 recipes with balsamic vinegar

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