Raw apple cider vinegar recipes

Learn more about raw apple cider vinegar as an ingredient in traditional and moden recipes. Explore my curated list of original recipes with raw apple cider vinegar.

A little bit about raw apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is very important in Greek cuisine. It is used in salads, to pickle vegetables and even cooked foods, like lentil soup. I discovered raw apple cider vinegar a few years ago and since then I can’t go back to other types of vinegars. It is far superior in quality and taste. It tastes finer and adds to the taste of dishes, even though it is more pungent than other types of vinegars, but this is an advantage; you only have to add a little in each dish and one bottle lasts much more. It also pairs well with olive oil and it can make a simple lettuce or tomato and cucumber salad much more tasty.

My 8 recipes with raw apple cider vinegar

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