Chilli pepper recipes

Learn more about chilli pepper as an ingredient in traditional and moden recipes. Explore my curated list of original recipes with chilli pepper.

Chilli pepper

A little bit about chilli pepper

Chilli peppers are among the most commonly ingredients that I use when I cook. I use them in all forms, fresh, dried, or powdered, but of course, whenever possible, I prefer to use fresh chillies. Chillies are not all the same, not only because they come in different shapes, sizes and colours, but most importantly because they come in different levels of hotness, or intensity. This intensity is measured by Scoville heats units; the highest the number, the more hot the pepper is. The highest among them are almost heart attack hot. It can be an experience in itself to try different varieties of chillies. Whatever their hotness and your own preference or tolerance, chillies are an amazing ingredient that you simply must discover.

My 10 recipes with chilli pepper

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