Sea salt recipes

Learn more about sea salt as an ingredient in traditional and moden recipes. Explore my curated list of original recipes with sea salt.

Sea salt

A little bit about sea salt

Salt is the single most important and essential ingredient in almost any dish. As it is a widely used, every day ingredient its quality is paramount, both to your health and to the quality and taste of your dishes. I found that sea salt (and especially fleur de sel, if you can find it; just remember to add it to the finished dish and not waste by using it during cooking) tastes far superior to refined salts. It has more minerals and tastes better and that is what constitutes good salt. Plus, you avoid the unnecessary additives of table salt and because it tastes better, you use less. You can also use it as a face and body scrub. It is especially good for acne and other types of skin problems, or as a skin toner; just massage gently, using a small quantity of fine salt, onto damp skin and leave it for a few minutes, then rinse. I have found no better face toner and exfoliating scrub, no matter the brand and money I spent on it.

My 30 recipes with sea salt

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