Recipes a-to-z

  1. Avocado Caprese salad recipe Avocado Caprese salad
  2. Fluffy quinoa Basic fluffy quinoa Basics
  3. Beef and vegetables soup
  4. Bolognese sauce
  5. Bougatsa (Filo pastry filled with semolina cream) sprinkled with powdered sugar & cinnamon powder Bougatsa Vegetarian
  6. Bouyourdi – oven baked feta with tomatoes, chillies, oregano & olive oil Bouyourdi Featured
  7. Brussels sprouts with bacon, mushrooms, lemon and chilli
  8. Chicken soup
  9. Chickpea soup Vegetarian
  10. A chocolate cake slice, next to the loaf cake Epic chocolate cake Featured
  11. Florina pepper salad
  12. Giouvarlakia (meatball soup)
  13. Greek style beef fillet Greek–style beef fillet
  14. Greek–style oyster mushrooms
  15. Gyros (sliced pork belly with spices – oven grilled) Gyros Gluten–free
  16. Iceberg lettuce with sweet red pepper Vegetarian
  17. Jam biscuits (spitzbuben)
  18. karidopita - Karidopita
  19. Two dozen Kourabiedes (shortbread balls) on a plate, sprinkled with powdered sugar Kourabiedes Vegetarian
  20. Lamb’s lettuce, tomato, avocado & olive salad
  21. Pork chops with lemon mustard sauce, served with mushrooms Lemon mustard pork chops Recipe of the week
  22. Melitzanosalata (aubergine dip) garnished with a few drops of olive oil, fresh basil leaves and a slice of lemon Melitzanosalata (aubergine dip) Gluten–free
  23. Oven baked lamb with beans Oven–baked lamb with beans
  24. Oven–baked meatballs
  25. Oven–baked potatoes
  26. Paprika sauce
  27. Pastitsio
  28. Pitta
  29. Revani
  30. Rizogalo (rice pudding)
  31. Slow roasted lamb with lemon, potatoes and carrots
  32. Souvlaki Gluten–free
  33. Fresh easy & simple rice dish, with spinach, olive oil & lemon Spanakorizo (Greek spinach risotto) Vegetarian
  34. Steamed asparagus
  35. Tenderstem broccoli salad
  36. Tigania (stir–fried pork with mushrooms)
  37. Tirokafteri Vegetarian
  38. Tiropitakia (small feta pies) Featured, Vegetarian
  39. Tzatziki (yogurt & cucumber dip) topped with olive oil, olives & cayenne pepper Tzatziki Gluten–free, Vegetarian
  40. Warm sunchoke salad

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